constipation Can Be Fun For Anyone

blood glucose amount also called blood sugar amount, it can be the level of glucose, or sugar, while in the blood. Too much glucose while in the blood for a long period could potentially cause diabetic issues and injury quite a few portions of the body, like the heart, blood vessels, eyes, and kidneys.

cervix the decrease, narrow A part of the uterus (womb). The cervix varieties a canal that opens in to the vagina, which ends up in the outside of your body.

antiretroviral drugs medications that inhibit the flexibility of HIV or other types of retroviruses to multiply in the human body.

incest sexual intercourse involving people so closely similar that they are forbidden by regulation to click for info marry; also: the statutory criminal offense of such a relationship.

Lyme disease a bacterial disease due to a bacterium identified as a spirochete that may be transmitted to human beings from the bite of the deer tick. It could cause abnormalities while in the skin, joints, coronary heart and nervous process.

ischemic stroke a blockage of blood vessels supplying blood to the Mind, producing a reduce in blood provide.

Alzheimer's condition a Mind disorder that cripples the brain's nerve cells after some time and destroys memory and Finding out.

peripheral neuropathy classification of disorders that entail harmed or wrecked nerves. These Conditions do not consist of the nerves in the Mind or spinal wire.

phototherapy cure with mild. Prescription phototherapy exposes the child's skin to Exclusive fluorescent lights. In gentle cases of jaundice, exposing the child's skin to daylight (having care to avoid sunburn) is typically advised.

dental dam a sq., slender bit of latex that may be placed over the anus or the vagina in advance of oral intercourse.

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